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Canvas Inspirations by Marie Fox

‘Canvas Inspirations’ is a new charity registered in Gibraltar by Marie Fox that promotes the healing power of art through self expression in a safe, tranquil, non-judgemental and non-clinical environment.

I took an interest in ‘Art as Therapy’ after being enthused by the findings of Austrian pioneer Edith Kramer, who studied the life-changing effects of arts and crafts on refugee children in a New York City camp during WWII. Carrying out my ambition to introduce this alternative therapy to Gibraltar and beyond I became a member of BAAT, the British Association of Art Therapists.

International articles and reports have proven that art as therapy bears undeniable positive results on a wide spectrum. I focus on the empowering approach using the creative process to help the individual increase insight, cope with stress, work through traumatic experiences, boost cognitive and sensorial abilities, and improve personal relationships.

I coordinates and tailor art-based therapy projects, using my personal experience, expertise and intuition acquired during independent studies and extensive research in the discipline.

Negative Emotions into a Positive Vibe

I am the facilitator, not the teacher. This is not an arts & crafts class. It is a cathartic process where it is all about the journey, not the end product: it is about working out their feelings and elaborating negative emotions into a positive vibe, while concentrating on the artwork.

The art supplies are offered merely as the alternative tool of communication. This is not a counselling or psychological evaluation service, no diagnosis is made from the artwork. I take pictures of it and archive it in a timeline, to document the participants’ progress not only in artistic terms, but especially with their self-healing, self-improvement, self-image and self-acquaintance process.

Classes are limited to eight participants, and for their therapeutic value priority is given to candidates with cognitive or behavioural issues or anxiety disorders.

Participants are provided with materials and a common theme to develop in complete freedom, without pressure or rules, except having fun without invading each other’s space, unless they want to discuss the meaning of their work, and offer constructive criticism on the feelings it communicates.

Being a non-profit venture, there is no charge, but donations towards covering costs are appreciated. Further information on times and venues can be found in Canvas Inspirations Facebook page.

Contact Information

Tel + 350 5401 9808

E-mail canvasinspirations@hotmail.com

Registered Charity in Gibraltar with No. 271