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Childline Gibraltar's core values are based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:

  • Children must be protected from all forms of violence and exploitation.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to support the care and protection of children.
  • We listen to children and young people, respect their views and respond to them directly.
  • Children should be encouraged and enabled to fulfill their potential.
  • We challenge inequalities for children and young people.

Online Service

You can now contact Childline through our new Online Service, which includes a form for Children and a form for concerned adults. Please note that emails are replied to within 48 hours of receipt.

Click Here For The Online Service.

Free Phone Helpline

Our Helpline telephone number is 8008 and it is available everyday of the year between 5pm and 9pm. All calls are free. Children and young people can phone our Helpline to talk about ANY issue or problem they are facing. Adults can phone our Helpline to talk about any child welfare issues or problems they are having caring for a child or teenager

Appropriate Adult Schemes

When a minor is arrested an adult needs to be present.If the child does not have an adult who is able or willing to be there, a volunteer from Childline will step in at the request of the Royal Gibraltar Police. Our role is to ensure that the child understands what is happening to them and why.We do not provide legal advice.

Work with Schools & Youth Groups

We have adopted a pro-active strategy of education and awareness. Therefore, we work directly with local schools and youth groups to give talks and distribute information to support children and young people.