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Family Separations and Financial Agreements in Gibraltar

Amber Law can help guide you towards assessing a fair and reasonable Financial/ Separation Agreement in Gibraltar. In the event that you live or have property in Spain, our Spanish Legal Consultant is also available to offer advice.

A couple who is separating may want to enter into such an Agreement to divide their property and assets instead of going through the stress and costs of a court hearing. This is easier and more cost effective for both parties so that each may get what assets are fair and reasonable and move on with their lives.

By way of example assets may include the family home, other real property, vehicles, bank accounts, insurance policies, savings, pensions, gratuities, stocks, debentures and investments.

There are several other factors that need to be decided in the Agreement such as the arrangements for the children (where they shall live, contact days and times, school holidays, maintenance, extracurricular activities and so on). These may also be reflected in the Agreement.

A Separation/ Financial Agreement will be also be useful as evidence of the length of time you and your spouse have been separated when it comes to commencing divorce proceedings in due course.

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