• Spiritual Well Being

    Spiritual Well Being

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage

Lizette Anes (Bhavani)

My aim is to assist and promote Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being. In all ways I aim to find what suits each client in a practical sense as not only one way can fit all.

I specialize in Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage, which is a full body treatment with relaxation being the side effect as it boosts and balances all systems in the body.

I am at present promoting Triunidad Flower Essences with Essential Unity Method which tackles long standing issues in a very gentle manner relieving, releasing and activating better ways of being with our self without these self-sabotaging patterns.

My favourite subject is the mind and the understanding of how it works from different perspectives such as Counselling and Raj Yoga, so alleviating stress, worry, and many different ailments that come from our way of thinking.

I also undertake yoga for Special Needs; the Sonia Sumar Method so popular all over the world and new to Gibraltar and Spain. I am qualified to apply this method from Birth to Adulthood.

Otherwise I am also a Reiki Master and undertake work with Chakras, Crystals and Caballa life paths. Meditation, Yoga, Living in the Now and Louise Hay Ideas are all part of my practice.

I am also very pleased to be able to offer my skills and expertise in managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME/Fibromyalgia, Palliative Care and Substance Abuse/Misuse.

Please feel free to check website www.goharmony108.com for more info or to ring me on  +350 54017267.