• Balance & Fulfilment

    Balance & Fulfilment

Spiritual Therapist & Energy Healer

Inge Beaujean is a qualified therapist and energy healer. She is a specialist in spiritual psychology, meditation and inner growth. 

Inge’s unique approach successfully combines counselling and psychotherapy with many healing techniques to gently redirect your life toward balance and fulfilment.

“The mind tends to get lost in stressful thoughts about the past - or we worry about the future.

Mindfulness gives the mind a rest from our negative thought patterns”.

One-to-one sessions can help you

  • Permanently change negative patterns into positive
  • Overcome anxiety and depression
  • Deal with loss and health issues
  • Cope with a malfunctioning or ended relationship
  • Release old blockages and traumas
  • Cope with work related stress
  • Support your spiritual growth


  • Masters of Arts, University of Antwerp , Belgium , diploma 1988
  • Bachelor of Arts, Hogeschool Katholieke Leergangen, Tilburg, Netherlands diploma 1994
  • 2 year post academic program of Valuation Theory & Self-Confrontation Method Foundation, Nijmegen, Netherlands, diploma module 1 2003
  • International School for Spiritual Psychology, 7 year healing education, Netherlands, diploma in 2005
  • Course in Healing in the 5th dimension, Spain 2012
  • Multiple courses in (complementary) therapies such as Family Constellations, NLP, Healing with Crystals, Aromatherapy, lately Touch of Matrix (Matrix Energetics) september 2015, Netherlands


  • Lecturer at Hogeschool Maastricht, teacher CSG Vincent van Gogh, Assen
  • Working for myself in the Netherlands , Spain & Gibraltar since 2002
  • One to One sessions
  • Mariage counseling
  • Healing & self development courses
  • Meditation Classes

Contact Information

Tel: (+350) 540 11 372

WhatsApp: (+34) 606 001 372