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Lett's Play Child Care Services, Gibraltar

Melanie Anne Lett

Lett’s Play is a new established child-care service in Gibraltar which caters for your child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical developments through play.

The ideology for this service is to provide a new and fresh perspective towards children's childhood and well-being in Gibraltar. Playwork is a highly skilled profession that enriches and enhances provision for children's play mainly in the UK and North America, with the possibility of it also gaining popularity in Gibraltar.

The theory and practice of playwork recognises that children's play is a process and must be freely chosen, personally driven and intrinsically motivated. That is, children and young people determine and control the content and intent of their play, by following their own instincts, ideas and interests, in their own way for their own reasons.

The impulse to play is innate. Play is a biological, psychological and social necessity, and is fundamental to the healthy development and well-being of individuals and communities.

The prime focus and essence of playwork is to support and facilitate the play process and this should inform the development of play policy, strategy, training and education.

For playworkers, the play process takes precedence and playworkers act as advocates for play when engaging with adult led agendas.

The role of the playworker is to support all children and young people in the creation of a space in which they can play. The playworker's response to children and young people playing is based on a firm evidence-base and a deep seated knowledge of the play process, and reflective practice.
Playworkers recognise their own impact on the play space and also the impact of children and young people's play on the playworker.

Playworkers choose an intervention style that enables children and young people to extend their play. All playworkers intervention must balance risk with the developmental benefit and well-being of children.

Lett’s Play Services

Playwork and Play Advising: A Service where children are able to express themselves through play. Many children are too young to communicate or simply don’t wish to communicate. Their only form of converse is via play. The idea of this service is to provide your child with a chance to express any underlying problems or difficulties via the forum of play. It is also a guide into your child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical developmental needs through play. This service will not only help support learning, it will also ensure that children have tons of fun at the same time.

Child-Minding and Babysitting

All parents deserve a break. Lett’s Play will supervise and look after children whenever and wherever possible in a fun and stimulating environment.

Holiday Club

Schools out for summer! Most parents’ still have to work during the summer. The controversial subject of childcare always arises during the holidays. Lett’s Play will be catering for children over the summer. Arts and crafts and fun days out to the park will be a few of the fun activities Lett’s Play will deliver for you children.

After-School and Homework Club

Most children finish school at 3:30, whereas most parents have 9-5 jobs. Lett’s Play will make available a club where children are able to come and relieve their stress after a long day at school, incorporating fun activities as well as giving them a chance to finish their homework.

About Me

From a very young age I have always wanted to work with children. This led me to venture upon my participation in the BA, Playwork programme, where I studied for three years in Leeds. The course allowed me the opportunity to present findings in a very professional manner via presentations, numerous assignments and the final dissertation. The latter propelled me towards further research into the area of Play Therapy and its benefits.
This was the main tenet of my dissertation which analysed Filial Play Therapy (Family Therapy). Play Therapy and Playwork are intrinsically linked. Playworkers are active in the same operative areas of the psychodynamic effects as play therapists and analysts.
Play therapy is a process where a child’s natural means of expression, typically play, is used as a therapeutic approach and method to support them in coping with emotional stress or trauma. Play therapy helps children come to terms with their emotions through play rather than the child having to explain his/her feelings verbally.

As from 2015 I will be embarking on a Post Graduate Diploma course in Play Therapy with the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC) in Bristol, in the hope of becoming a qualified Play Therapist by 2017.

Seeing and making sure children are happy is my most compelling aim. Every child should have a blissful childhood, one they will always remember throughout their life!

Melanie Anne Lett

BA (Hons) Playwork