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Going through separation /divorce is known to be one of the biggest stresses in life. It is a very challenging time emotionally, mentally and physically. You may agree that you need to find support from your relatives, friends or other support from professionals such as counselors. The wellbeing of your child must always be a priority during this time.

At Amber Law our aim is to help you settle your separation/ divorce and to make sure that your children have the structures, routines and support they need to continue feeling as safe, loved and protected as possible during unsettling times for the whole family.

You may find it useful to follow the tips and guidance on this page which is aimed at helping your children cope through your separation/ divorce.

Helping Young Children Through a Separation or Divorce

Raising Awareness Through Educational and Creative Videos

In order to make the upcoming life changes easier for you and your children we recommend that you reassure and show your child that they are loved at all times. It is also important that you reassure them that this situation is not their fault but is a result of “grown up” challenges.

Answering questions that your child may have is a reasonable step to help them understand what is going on as long as the tone and language used by you is appropriate to their age. It is essential that they continue to have contact with both parents in order to maintain stability and reassurance that they are still loved by you both, as long as both parents offer a loving and safe environment.

Sesame Street has created an informative webpage that aims to provide separating parents with guidance and support concerning the welfare of their children and coping with the upcoming life changes.

We have provided some of the Sesame Street videos on this webpage however, the link below will direct you to their website which provides users with interactive information which you can share with your children.


It is also recommended that you allow your children to access the “Kids Corner” section of this website. Here separation/divorce is explained in a child-friendly, creative and fun way that they can understand.

For further information you may also visit our Media section and browse our recommended books, film, music, poetry, inspirational art both for adults and children.