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Teens' Club - Help & Support for Family Separations in Gibraltar

Let’s Talk about Family Breakdown

Are your parents going through Divorce, Separation?

Here is some information that may help...

What will happen to me if my parents split up?

Usually, after a divorce or separation, parents will decide who it is you will live with. They will decide where you will live during school holidays, weekends or other special occasions. They will also decide how long your stay will be for. Your parents know you best, and so their decision will be based on your best interests.

Parents might not directly ask what YOU want. Sometimes what teens want may not be realistic and so it is important that you give your parents the space to make all the decisions. It is equally important that you tell your parents how you feel about the arrangements or lifestyle which they have chosen.

Sometimes, parents can't agree on a suitable living arrangement so they will ask a lawyer, judge or mediator to help them create the best living arrangement. This might all seem like too much to deal with but there are plenty of support systems out there.

Who's around to help?

Communication is important. If you feel like your family, friends or teachers are too busy to listen then don’t bottle it up inside. There are plenty of people around Gibraltar who you can speak to. These are trained, professional and reliable. They help hundreds of people with all sorts of problems and can also help you with yours.



Free Phone 8008 or telephone +350 20043503

Gibraltar Yoga Centre

+350 200 41389

Gibraltar Care Agency

+350 200 78528 (between 9.00am to 1:00pm Mon to Friday)

Life Goes On

Here’s a couple of ‘feel good’ videos to remind you that things will get better.

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