• Help & support through film

    Help & support through film


Amber Law places importance on positive communication as a vehicle to resolving conflict.  To this end Amber Law encourages and supports the use of film and the media to raise awareness and understanding of the human condition; how conflict arises through manipulation, misunderstandings, greed and fear; and importantly how through determination and love, conflicts can melt away and the arm of friendship extended to create harmonious and flourishing relationships with others and importantly, with yourself.     

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Past film Projects 

La Roca 2011 Raul Santos, Director; Marketing/ Funding Proposal, Amber Turner.  

“In order to hate, you must first love”. 

“In 1969 the only fascist dictator who survived WWII, Francisco Franco of Spain, closed the entrance to the British territory of Gibraltar, isolating 30,000 people restricting food, and cutting telephone lines. In his words, the Rock will fall like ripe fruit. La Roca is an epic Romeo and Juliet-type love story between the massive Rock of Gibraltar and its neighbouring Spanish city of La Linea. Despite being declared enemies by their countries, they used to be inseparable. Eventually, indoctrination on both sides forced the separation of thousands of mixed families. Over 13 years families met at the border every Sunday to look through binoculars at their estranged lovers, brothers, parents and babies - screaming, Daddy loves you, from a distance”.

Once the film was produced, Amber assisted Raul Santos in drafting the marketing proposal and securing funding. The aim was three-fold: to pay the archive licences for global distribution of the film; to fund entry fees for La Roca to enter film festivals across the globe; and to fund a community outreach and international student exchange program. 


Tussle 2004 Choreographed by Nathan Conroy; Recorded and edited by Stephen Cumming; Project Manager Amber Turner; Production Co-ordinator Alice Mascarhenhas

A short film filmed in various locations in Gibraltar celebrating 300 years of Gibraltar’s history and the ‘tussle’ between Gibraltar, Britain and Spain. It was short listed in the Commonwealth Film Festival and included West End’s artist Peter Neilsen (STOMP). 

At peace

An ideologue standing on the edge, the struggle ceased.

Elevation. No longer turmoil, no longer twisted.

Ascending above intimidation.

They cannot define me.

I am like the shales that patter these shores.

I long to remain in the present tense.

No need for an after, no grey befores.

A warm blessed breeze encircles me and caresses my soul

As I turn to face 

All which pursues me, but cannot subdue me

As I stand in my place. 


By Aaron Turner, Gibraltar