• Inspired by Words...

    Inspired by Words...

True Value by David Bentata

The child arrives defenceless, helpless, depending

On caring parents or others

Who mould us all while tending

To the needs of this child ascending.


The child is fed with their knowledge and learning

Or perhaps just their worldly views

With which they feed him and wrap him

While they live suffocated in their personal blues

They talk of wisdom but they only confuse


And when they no longer can control

This child now an adult

With his own conclusions and established soul

They wash their disappointed hands

And climb back on their weather-beaten totem pole


Listen, Child of Man, and choose

Between the myth and the empty glory

This is the Truth of your Life Story

“The value of whatever you pursue

Will in the end, measure,

The Value of You.”


David Bentata

Gibraltar 01.10.12