• Inspired by Words...

    Inspired by Words...

Between Man and God by David Bentata

I died inside an aeroplane

as it came down to land.

One hundred bodies crushed and broke….

………there was no helping hand.


I left my body far below,

was that distortion me?

It looked a lot like all the rest

of dead humanity


I travelled swiftly through the dark

I sped towards the light;

this tunnel with no single mark

the end of which was bright.


A fiery spark... another ... more ….

all flew along with me.

We were all going back to God

from flight…… one-oh-two-three


A hall was reached, the light was strong,

it glowed with healing love

and then I knew I was my Soul

returning up above


My life was shown, all forty years

of good and bad endeavour.

The pains I’d caused I felt with shame….

could I correct this …… ever?


The Being of Light came back to show

the goodness I had done.

But though this brought some warmth to me….

…..pains caused weren’t overcome


A word came through, to look around

at souls I did recall ……

of other creeds and races

and here …….I found them all !


I wandered for a while... askance

in this world of Love & Light.

There were no mosques ….. no synagogues ….

no churches were in sight !


A flash of joy ….a holy cusp

of Light…. of Truth in thought

entered my very being.

I’d found what I had sought !


In human life I’d felt the squeeze

The pressure ……and the strain

of man-made Laws men called…. “Divine”

And caused me so much pain


Now I could see and understand

”Erat Demostrata Quod”

It is many of these dogmas

That keep Man…..


from God !


David Bentata

Gibraltar 20.12.89